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Hello everyone!!!!

Todays new coverage what i have seen is really made me “happy”!!!

Few months back i got to know about Tablet Contribution Program and i felt very happy and wanted to join in this program. I immediately filled the application form and it was told that after one month the results will be announced and i was waiting

April 1st 2014 2:56 PM

An email popped in my inbox and it said that :

“Congratulations Ajay Kumar Jogawath,

Welcome to the Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program! Our team has carefully reviewed of all the applicants and we are excited to have you join us. We will be sending you one of the tablet devices in the coming weeks. We’ll also be sending you at least one further email to keep you updated.

The tablet will enable you to join us in this exciting project to shape the future of the open web in tablet form factors. With your help we will be able to greatly improve the quality of Firefox OS on tablet experience to be as good as that on phones. We think you will have a lot of fun and look forward to working with you.”

Now, this email made me very much excited and i was really waiting for the tablet to come and start my contribution in TCP Program. After 3 months on July 1st i received the Foxconn Infocus Firefox OS Tablet.

Receiving this from mozilla really made me proud  and my college management thanked me for involving in many projects like Localization, Webmaker, SUMO, Firefox OS, Firefox Student Ambassador and leading the Club “Jayamukhi Firefox Club” in my college. All this i could do because of the support that i got from my Team Hemanth Vidyamri, Kodakandla Bhargav,Hema Bhanu,Meraj Imran, Maniraj,Anil Kumar Who have constantly supporting me from the initial stage.

I thank Asa Dotzler, Sammy Tuman and the TCP Team. Thank you . Thank You So Much!!! Happy to be a part of contributions.

Best Regards,

Ajay Kumar Jogawath,

Webmaker Mentor,

Club Lead and FSA @Jayamukhi Firefox Club

Website: http://ajay-jogawath.blogspot.in/