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Hello Everyone!!!

I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Firefox Club Lead – “Jayamukhi Firefox Club” hosted the FSA Meetup on Feb 04,2014 in the College Canteen.

This was an informal meetup of the students who have registered for the Firefox Student Ambassadors and not yet started with any activities as everyone was unaware of the wiki page.

In this meet, i started with my introduction as the Club Lead for Jayamukhi Firefox Club and told about the projects that i am contributing. Then i asked them to introduce everyone.

Everyone started introducing themselves and then i started with the Introduction of Mozilla, because i directly cannot go into the FSA Program.

So, i gave a glance about Open Source, Mozilla, its Projects and Products. Then i told them about the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program. Only few were registered for the FSA Program, so i told them first to get register for the FSA Program by going through the above link


Firefox Student Ambassador Application Form

Then i told them to complete the first five activities that an FSA should do after getting registered .



I gave it as a Start-up guide to all the FSA’s.

Then i talked about the recognition that they get as an FSA by explaining the above link

Recognition to FSA

Later on, i have shown them the cool videos of Mozilla,the first one was the Mozilla Story Video, and everyone was very much excited by watching the video and one of them Aravind  asked about how we can get involved into the Mozilla Projects and actually what projects that mozilla has??

Here comes the actual question and then i explained them about the Get Involved Page of Mozilla

Get Involved (link for the projects of mozilla)

Many of them were very much interested in Webmaker may be because of the demo that i have showed them, they got excited by the thimble webpages and the x-ray goggles.

Later a small brief about the projects from SUMO i.e., Army of Awesome, Support Forum and the Localization (KB )

And Finally, i concluded with the I am a Mozillian video of Mozilla Summit, they were feeling happy by seeing Indian Mozillians saying I am so and so and i am a mozillian.

Finally, at the end of the meetup, everyone said their name and “from now i am a mozillian too”.

I really felt very happy because of this meetup was a successful one because we have planned it just half-an-hour back. Now, that we have a good number of contributors and FSA’s are asking more about Mozilla, i am planning for my next meetup very soon.

Best Regards,

Ajay Kumar Jogawath,

Firefox Club Lead,

Jayamukhi Firefox Club,

Proud to be a Mozillian