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Hello Everyone!!!! After Joining the Mozilla Reps Program, i was feeling very much excited and enthusiastic and wanted to know like how many mozillians from the community ” Mozilla Club Warangal” are active and contributing to mozilla. So, i thought of organizing a MozCoffee and named it as ” MozCoffee V 1.0 ” [1].

Dyvik Chenna, a Mozilla Reps from Hyderabad was also in warangal and he also joined the MozCoffee. The day before MozCoffee i was with Dyvik and Bhargav ( Mozillian ) and we were discussing about the communities and sharing the works we do in our communities. Later, we discussed about the problems faced by the community members in general for being active only during event and then disappear. All our ideas were included in the Etherpad [2]. So, MozCoffee started with around 20 members and started with introduction from attendees.


Dyvik Started by introducing himself and then asked the mozillians to introduce themselves.

Dyvik Started with the Agenda that we have planned. The topics included were 1) Community 2)Development 3)Event Marketing 4)Firefox OS 5)Localization 6)Womoz 7)Webmaker

Dyvik spoke on each of the topic and made them clearly understand to them that how a community works and the kind of projects different people work depending upon their interests. I was documenting the views of mozillians who are not able to contribute to mozilla even they know it from the past 1+ year.

After Dyvik, i started focussing on divide and conquer rule. Like, the one who wants to work for localization form a team, similar with Firefox Apps, Webmaker, SUMO and other projects.They felt this as the best idea. We also had 8 womoz from the Mozilla Warangal now, who are ready to speak and contribute to mozilla,open source. This was the result of Womoz Warangal’14 organized 2 weeks back. Later, concluded by saying that we will have regular offline and online meetups to make the community members more and more involved in different projects of mozilla.

[1] Event Link on Reps Portal : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozcoffee-v-1-0/

[2] Etherpad Link : https://etherpad.mozilla.org/warangalplanning

[3] Flickr Link : https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajayjogawath/sets/72157646190281038/

Best Regards,

Ajay Kumar Jogawath,

Mozilla Reps