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  Hola Amigos,

This post is regarding my experience when I came for Live Telecasting of Election duty from my college (JITS Warangal) and did an awareness program on Mozilla.

I went to a near by Zilla Parishat (जिला परिषद्) School for my duty. Along with me I have Anil (my classmate ) and 14 students from SR Engineering College. We were there for  Live Telecasting of Election duty.



After lunch I started interacting with all the students and while introducing myself, I said – I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath from Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, and as well I am Mozilla Student Representative from Warangal Community, and I explained about my work role, about ‘volunteering work’, to make curiosity then I briefly explained about some interactive live projects like browser testing, solving bugs, helping peoples, Localizing, MozCamp. 😉

Now, the actual discussion started About Mozilla

Then I started explaining them about Mozilla and Open source. and then I gave explanation on Mozilla Projects which are on the get involved page of Mozilla. Here is the link http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contribute/

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Then I said about the club which we have in our college and the events we did in the past year.

Later the discussion went to a technical one. A student from SR asked how this is useful for technical Students. Then I gave the answer with the Mozilla Webmaker Projects.

I explained about the webmaker tools which are thimble,hackasaurus and popcorn.

Anil explaining about the thimble by how to create a webpage using a thimble.

After the completion of Webmaker, anil dealed with NEMO projects and spoke about the Localisation Projects. It was a great experience to me seeing all the young enthusiastic students at one corner.

Finally I thanked all of them for their interest in attending this session.


Ajay Kumar Jogawath

Proud to be a Mozillian