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Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share my experience about the meetup that was organized today in Asian Mall,Warangal.

The Students( also FSA’s -Firefox Student Ambassadors) Wanted to start a club in their college. So they want to inaugurate the club officially in their college.

So, they contacted me and asked to arrange a meet in which they get to know more about the Open Source, mozilla , its projects and how to get involved in projects of mozilla.


So, i (ajay) along with Hemanth and Bhargav, organized this meetup so that they can know more about the mozilla, how to start a club, how the FSA Program going in in other cities, states and countries. Then the activities like Webmaker, localization, app of the month contest were discussed one by one. We also told them about the recent apps that we made in this month “App of the Month” Contest.

Here are the links of the apps, which we told to them.

Valentine Destinations – https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/valentine-destinations/ 

Valentine App – https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/valantine_hh/

Dream Facts – https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/dream-facts/

Then,i shared about how a club is formed and how to share the responsibilites of a club by involving in different club roles.

Then, they asked some questions like how to organize a big event in their college, if so whom to contact for organizing an event and some few questions, which was like a queries session, me hemanth and bhargav answered to their questions and then planned about the event i.e., Inauguration of Firefox Club in their college and the sessions we are planning on that and then we winded the meetup.

And then Yay!! We had a group Photo with all enthusiastic mozillians.Here it is

For more images, Click here Flickr Images

 Waiting for Feb 25th to inaugurate the club in their college, and getting more contributors from Mozilla Club BIES. I thank Sonu Sandeep, Bala Subrahmanyam, Vijay Martha, Sai Sharan for their interest in mozilla, and Hemanth and Bhargav always being at the back of me by supporting always. Thank You all.

Special Thanks to Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu


Ajay Kumar Jogawath

Firefox Student Ambassador,

Club Lead, Jayamukhi Firefox Club,

Webmaker, SUMO,L10N

Proud to be a Mozillian